The other beginning

It is not the first time I’m thinking to leave a record of my life in a blog.  Many times I tried, and for some reasons I stopped updating them because I lost my interest and idea of how to fill up the blog.  May be it was because I didn’t really have a good reason why I created the blog. I just created the blog because I wanted to improve my English while I’m still mainting another blog in my native language -instead of English-.

Today I decided to put more purpose to make the things work. I’m now start to write this blog not mainly to practice my English.  My purpose is changed. I’m now creating this blog to record my life experience in a blog. If I’m using English, that’s the only othe advantage that I wanna get by writing this blog.

Based on that history, I named this post as the other beginning. This is not my first blog in English, but this is a new post on this new blog since I decided not to update the other blogs again. From now on, the new journey begin.


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