The story of Al Farid

One year ago, estimately in the month of May, I was announcing to some neighbors that I was going to leave them and decided to work overseas. At that time I told them a joke that my name would be renamed or translated as Al Farid when I started to life in Arabic Country because there are no vowel in Arabic letters so that It will be difficult to write Alfred -my name- in Arabic.

Now, I’m working in Kuwait. I have a civil-ID, which is written in Arabic. And yes, the joke is not anymore a joke. Now some Arabic people who doesn’t speak English call me Al Farid. My name is translated into Al Farid.

And today, when I created this new blog, I tried several other words and none of them were available. I gave up. I tried to name this blog Alfarid. Unfortunately wordpress accept it. And from now on, I will start this “alfarid” blog as my new blog in English. 🙂


6 thoughts on “The story of Al Farid

  1. …how is work going thus far in Kuwait?

    I am thinking of applying for a job there next year, but I’d like to finish my MBA and maybe get a Master’s in Civil / Environmental Engineering; lost my job in Sept. 2008 – which was rotten being a divorced mother of a 4-yr-old and all. Thank god for Latin families–we are a close bunch… how is the Business / environmental engineering market there? Oh wow, I have so many questions……………….

    • Hello Nora. Kuwait is fine. I don’t feel the monetary crisis here so far. The only thing I heard is that some property/building development were held since there were some issues with the capital.

      I also heard that rate of apartment rent would go down. But so far, the rate is not down yet. And I’m still seeing some big buildings were being built.
      May be there are still some job for civil/construction engineering here. But I could be wrong as I’m not observing as an expert.

      • Good morning Alfred,

        My apologies for the incessant questions ahead of time!

        Hmm, the Kuwait professional work arena seems promising enough. IN response to your last comment, I have applied recently to a job (Assistant to the College President) at the American University of Kuwait (AUK) – is this a nice university and fairly close to the heart of Kuwait City? Also the qualifications mentioned that Arabic language is a plus, yet I only know Spanish. *pout*:(

        I also noticed that the majority of instructors have a PhD there — are PhD common in the Gulf States — or is it more like a much sought-after education status?

        Side Note:: Arabic is taking some getting use to from the YouTube tutorials… any suggestions? I am going to take Arabic 1, and 2 at Univ. Central Florida next Spring as an opening course… the instructor already called.

        Have a pleasant weekend!

      • Nora, sorry that I didn’t visit this blog for a long time. Hopefully it is not too late to reply your questions.
        It is a plus to speak Arabic here. But I myself don’t speak Arabic yet and I’m still survive very well until now 😀

  2. … ah okay. Well I started taking an Intro to Arabic course while here in Florida at the local Masjid/Mosque and it’s… a little more challengng with all of the curvy characters and funny pronounciations. We shal see how I do in a few months. It was mentioned we would be able to start reading a newspaper soon… let’s see how soon that occurs (In’shallah :D).

    How is the sand storms there? Is the weather really 120F / 45C ??!! Do a lot of women wear a hijab these days, at least the conservatives? All of the women here at the mosque cover, but I suppose that is typical.

    What has been some of your weirdest experiences from a male-femal interaction perspective?

    Take care,

    • That’s a good start. You’ll probably speak Arabic better than me soon 😀

      Sand Storm is not a bad as I thought. When it comes, It turn the sky into red. Walking is virtually impossible. We can still go out by car, but very slow because it is difficult to see the road. But the good thing, it doesn’t happen very often. It normally comes when transition from summer to winter or vice versa.

      There are a lot of women wear a hijab here, but not all of the women. Before I came here, I thought that every women had to wear hijab. In fact, I can still some women in bikini at the beach in summer.

      The weirdest experiences was when some ladies refused to enter same elevator with me. But it doesn’t happen many times.

      Yes the weather can be 45C in the peak of summer. But it’s not humid here. So the temperature is not as bad as I thought.

      When are you going to be here, Nora?

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