Data Observasion (1)

Today I was observing Titanic data. Before started to use the Data, I’m trying to see how the data looks like first.

Here are my questions and answers for today:

Q: How to find what entries in a column? For example, I want to know how many variations of entry in Sex column

A: use table command


> table(train$Sex)

female male

Q: How to find a column that is empty?

A: Use a subset command


PassengerId Survived Pclass Name Sex Age
62 62 1 1 Icard, Miss. Amelie female 38
830 830 1 1 Stone, Mrs. George Nelson (Martha Evelyn) female 62

SibSp Parch Ticket Fare Cabin Embarked
62 0 0 113572 80 B28
830 0 0 113572 80 B28

That’s all for today.


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