I used to live a country where she lies around the equator and only has 2 seasons which is hot and very hot. ┬áSince I live in Kuwait, I’m experiencing two seasons now, Summer and Winter. The weather starts to be nice for outdoor activity now, since winter is coming.

I like winter !


The story of Al Farid

One year ago, estimately in the month of May, I was announcing to some neighbors that I was going to leave them and decided to work overseas. At that time I told them a joke that my name would be renamed or translated as Al Farid when I started to life in Arabic Country because there are no vowel in Arabic letters so that It will be difficult to write Alfred -my name- in Arabic.

Now, I’m working in Kuwait. I have a civil-ID, which is written in Arabic. And yes, the joke is not anymore a joke. Now some Arabic people who doesn’t speak English call me Al Farid. My name is translated into Al Farid.

And today, when I created this new blog, I tried several other words and none of them were available. I gave up. I tried to name this blog Alfarid. Unfortunately wordpress accept it. And from now on, I will start this “alfarid” blog as my new blog in English. ­čÖé

The other beginning

It is not the first time I’m thinking to leave a record of my life in a blog. ┬áMany times I tried, and for some reasons I stopped updating them because I lost my interest and idea of how to fill up the blog. ┬áMay be it was because I didn’t really have a good reason why I created the blog. I just created the blog because I wanted to improve my English while I’m still mainting another blog in my native language -instead of English-.

Today I decided to put more purpose to make the things work. I’m now start to write this blog not mainly to practice my English. ┬áMy purpose is changed. I’m now creating this blog to record my life experience in a blog. If I’m using English, that’s the only othe advantage that I wanna get by writing this blog.

Based on that history, I named this post as the other beginning. This is not my first blog in English, but this is a new post on this new blog since I decided not to update the other blogs again. From now on, the new journey begin.